Well here's the first few pages of my story, but I'm not going to carry on writing on here because of spoilers. Hopefully I'll have finished it soon!

Hestia woke with a start and looked at the watch on her bedside cabinet, 6:45, she'd overslept. She unwillingly got out of bed, dressed and hurried down the stairs into her small kitchen. There was no time for breakfast though, so she took a quick gulp of pumpkin juice and found a chocolate frog inside one of the cupboards that lined the room. Her travelling cloak was hung on a peg beside the back door, so she pulled it off and threw it over her shoulders before stepping outside into her garden. The grass was wet underfoot and the plants that surrounded the lawn all looked like they'd had a good drenching, but even so, their bright shades of pink, purple, red and blue managed to make her small garden look full with life, happy. Hestia smiled to herself as she turned on the spot and felt the familiar sensation of being pulled down a giant plughole. All the breath left her body and suddenly, with a soft thump, she hit the floor.

She ran inside the Ministry and up the Atrium as fast as she could, accidentally knocking over a Magical Maintenence Wizard as she did so. His shouts of anger followed her until she reached the lifts at the other end. Luckily, one had just appeared so she stepped inside and waited for the golden grills to close before she went down. After what seemed like the longest lift ride that she'd ever taken, Hestia arrived on level six. The cool, female voice of the lift announced where she was: "Level Six, Department of Magical Transportation, incorporating the Floo Network Authority, Broom Regulatory Control, Portkey Office and Apparition Test Centre." As if she didn't know. Hestia heard that at least three times a day. Finally, the grills flew open and she sprinted down the corridor and pushed open the door to her office.

The seven others were already there, seated at their desks, as was her boss, Amleth Burke. Gritting her teeth at her bad luck, Hestia tip toed over to her desk and sat down, waiting for the worst. On top of the table, sat two inter0department memos, that usually meant a busy day, so without looking towards Amleth, she stated to unfold the first. Hestia, it read, but she didn't get any further because at that exact moment, a shadow covered her desk and startled, she looked up.

Amleth was stood infromt of her, he was tall and wide shouldered with short black hair. There was rumor between Ministry workers that he was part troll, and Hestia could certainly see where the idea came from; he even smelt like one! But right now it wasn't the smell that bothered her, it was the expression that he was wearing.

"You're late Jones," straight to the point as normal.

"Sorry boss," I apologised. "I overslept."

"You overslept?" He was shouting now. "So we all wake up at the crack of dawn and make sure that we're at work on time and you just saunter in whenever you want and act like it's ok by saying that you overslept! If you arrive late one more time..." Amleth left the threat hanging, turned on his heel and headed back to his desk where he sat down heavily and pulled a quill and parchment towards himself. "And you lot can get back to work!" He roared at the others who hastily averted their eyes.

Well it could have been worse, Hestia thought to herself. Afterall, Amleth was well known for his temper, no one at the Ministry liked him in the slightest and today looked like it was going to be a bad one with him in such a mood so early on. She'd have to apologise to the others though, for putting him in the foul mood in the first place. Hestia sighed as she carried on reading the first of her memos; today was going to be a long day.

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