• Numberfour

    First Draft of a story

    August 24, 2011 by Numberfour

    Well here's the first few pages of my story, but I'm not going to carry on writing on here because of spoilers. Hopefully I'll have finished it soon!

    Hestia woke with a start and looked at the watch on her bedside cabinet, 6:45, she'd overslept. She unwillingly got out of bed, dressed and hurried down the stairs into her small kitchen. There was no time for breakfast though, so she took a quick gulp of pumpkin juice and found a chocolate frog inside one of the cupboards that lined the room. Her travelling cloak was hung on a peg beside the back door, so she pulled it off and threw it over her shoulders before stepping outside into her garden. The grass was wet underfoot and the plants that surrounded the lawn all looked like they'd had a g…

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