Welcome to the Harry Potter: The Wizarding World

The trouble didn't stop once Lord Voldermort was defeated, he still had forever loyal followers and there were other dark witches and wizards rising up all the time. In this wiki you will find out about the missions members of the The Order of the Pheonix encounter every day in the world outside of the boundries of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry. So discover these stories and many more right here!

Wizzarding World News

  • We are open!!

Story Submission Notes

Episodes can't be about the students of Hogwarts, although the school and its pupils can appear as cameos. The purpose of this wiki is to show readers what life was like in the wizarding world after Voldermort was defeated.

If you would like an episode featured in The Order of the Pheonix, please leave Sam a message detailing your plot and the main characters featured.

To start your own series again leave Sam a message on what it is about.

Main Writers

Sam Hoskins (TheTrueDoc)


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